The whole trans gig can be pretty onesided. If you're reading this, I'd wager either you're trans-something-or-other yourself, or you know someone who is. Well, that's not totally true, you could be hopeless lost and wondering why a nearly chap half way through his years likes wearing a dress. Actually, if you are and you know the answer.... ;-)

On a more serious note, being the wife, girlfriend (or boyfriend even) of a tranny isn't always easy. We do put you through it and dare I say it, the trans stuff is here to stay. Only your partner can tell you how far is far enough. Maybe he'll go a little 'kid in a sweetshop' and want to dress nearly all of the time (for a bit), maybe he'll have a quiet spell and you'll think it's all stopped. Maybe he'll want to go out.

Do you have to get involved? No, not if you don't want to. You don't have to see him dressed up and you don't have to go out or do anything you don't want to. But what if you did? Would it be that bad? At least you'd know what he was up to LOL.

Being able to talk about it really helps. No, really it does. It's more about sharing what's going on between you and if you buy your tranny partner some small item - a lippy or a bracelet - or let them know you'll be out until 6pm ("Make sure you're in boy mode when I come back.... and don't forget to Hoover!"), chances are they will be very grateful.

If you'd like a bit of help, maybe to find out how other people like you deal with it, or maybe just someone to talk to; there are a growing number of partner forums and web sites out there. These are but a few:
If you have any suggestions about the above - maybe some advice of your own or some links, then please do get in touch or add them below.


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